Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS updates now supports Windows 7 and 64 bit


iPhone 3GS jailbreakin’ purplera1n has already been updated and now stands at version RC2. Changes include support for Windows 7 and 64-bit rigs, enhanced payload execution, kernal patches, correction of terminal errors and more. Support for Winterboard is still notably absent from purplera1n but every indication is that this is on the way along with OS X compatibility. For those who are running RC1 and want to update to RC2, getting it up and running is as simple as installing the new build on top of RC1

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Breaking News: Jailbreak for iPhone 3G S is here!


Original iPhone unlocker Geohot has released his own jailbreaking method, with the help of chronic dev and a few others, that he has dubbed purplera1n. Best. Name. Ever. As it stands, purplera1n only supports Windows rigs (Windows 7 and 64-bit excluded) but OS X support is on the way. Hit the read link to grab a copy of purplera1n and get all the instructions you’ll need to get your Cydia fix on.

We have heard the ultrasnOw is working on the iPhone 3G s so if you have tried it and it worked for you then leave us a shout out about that in the comments section

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Ovi contacts updated, Now supports s60v5 edition

Nokia beta labs finally released a Touch version of the OVI Contacts application for the Nokia 5800 and the N97. The application contains the same features, as the 3rd Edition variants, but now obviously with Touch support. With Ovi Contacts, you can let your friends know what you are doing and where you are. You can also check your friends’ status messages to see what your friends are up to. Ovi Contacts is all about keeping in touch with people who matter.

Key Features:

Presence: Let your friends know if you are available, busy or on the phone. Check your friends’ availability.
Enhanced presence: You can share – or hide – your favorite places with your friends. You can also let your friends know what you are listening.
Chat: Get in touch with your friends with chat. Convey your messages with emotions and share your location on the map via chat.

Top 5 Free apps for Nokia 5800

The Nokia 5800 touchscreen phone has been one of the best phones available till date. Due to its touchscreen, music and web capabilities, the phone lies in everyones wishlist. And considering frequent request from our readers, we have sorted top 5 apps for this phone.
1. Nokia messaging: Its an email client from nokia to send and receive mail from gmail, hotmail and yahoo. It also supports attachment to be sent. Hence i like it over gmail app from google which is java based and does not support attachments. This also has touch support. be sure to read instructions. The app is free for now in most places but will be converted to a paid app later.

2. Nimbuzz: Instant messaging client with support to numerous services like gmail,yahoo,msn/hotmail,facebook,gadu gadu,myspace and more. you can share pictures and videos with friends, send voice messages. You can also call your google tak and msn buddies through wifi or network connection. So you dont need a pc to voice chat. Good interface and touch support. Go to nimbuzz.com from pc or go to m.nimbuzz.com from your mobile web browser.

3. Tweets60: This is free twitter client with touch support. This may not be as good as gravity or twittix which are paid apps. But its a good choice over twitter mobile site and best for quick updates, direct messages, favourites and replies.
go to www.tweets60.com

4. Sms preview: We all get busy in our life. Remember that situation when you are quite busy with something and an sms arrives. Then you quickly grab your phone to browse to messaging application and you realize it was one of the forward message you get daily. Well, not any more. This apps displays a small window which shows a preview of sms that just arrived and disappears. You can also set the time for how long it can be should be displayed.
known issue: the ovi store versio does not show the message properly, hence use the link above.

Google maps: Allows you to search places, calculate route and shows directions. Now with latitude feature you can see where your friends are and can see directions to see them. go to m.google.com and select maps.

These are the best 5 apps we could find. Do you know any besides these ?? Then add it in our comment section and let the world know !!!

Nokia 5800 v31 firmware update is coming soon

Hey guys, if you are a proud owner of nokia 5800, we have some good news for you. Yes, finally the v31 firmware is about to be available to the masses. The last firmware update to this phone was v21.0.025. The news about the latest firmware spread on the internet after nokia conversations published the video of the new ovi suite 2.0 in youtube.

If you concentrate on the 57th second of the video, you can see it showing a firmware update v31. But the video also shows v15 firmware update which never really existed. Anyway, since its not a concern to us as its already passed, lets focus on the v31 update.
The new firware update is expected to have an improved homescreen as seen in the nokia n97 or nokia 5530 model, improved web browser and the usual bug fixes and stability improvements. Now tell us what you would like to see in the update. There is enough space in the comment section. :)

Nokia 5800 outsells Apple iphone

The Carphone Warehouse (a.k.a. The Phone House) is Europe’s largest independent mobile phone retailer, with over 1700 stores, so it is somewhat, a little bit of an achievement for the 5800 to be the number 1 pay monthly handset, leaving Apple’s iPhone in 2nd and Samsung’s Tocco Ultra in 3rd.

Customers say this is the most easy to use feature rich touchscreen phone they have ever used.5800

Free iPhone Apps Weekly Review Series


Apple App store has 50000 + Apps and alot of them are free apps but sometimes it gets too much to download all the free apps to try them out,so for that very same reason, we will be reviewing one free app every week going forward :) . If you like the App in review then go ahead download it from the Apple App Store and take it for a spin

Nokia n97 Vs Nokia 5800-Performance Tests

Nokia 5800 owners, your phones successor isnt really a good warrior. Watch N enjoy.

Here is a comparison between Samsung Omnia Hd and the Nokia N97 beased on their performance. Watch and enjoy.

New ATT Navigator with turn by turn voice now in App Store


9.99/mo subscription charged on your AT&T wireless bill. Cancel at any time*.

Named “Consumer Navigation Application of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan

AT&T Navigator transforms your iPhone 3G and 3GS into a voice-guided GPS navigation system for traveling across the country and just across town.

For iPhone 3G with 3.0 OS and iPhone 3G S

• Voice-guided and 3D onscreen GPS navigation keeps your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road
• Automatic rerouting will get you there even if you miss a turn
• Regular map updates are automatic and included so you never have to purchase updates.
• Real-time traffic updates and one click rerouting saves you time on your daily commute
• Searching for gas by price saves you money at the pump
• Enter an address from your iPhone or from the convenience of your computer before leaving home. Search AT&T Navigator for the closest coffee house, ATM or Wi-Fi hotspot along with ratings from a listing of over 10 million business listings.

$9.99/mo subscription. The monthly fee will appear on your AT&T wireless bill.

*Note: Deleting the app from your iPhone does not stop the monthly subscription charge. To cancel the subscription and fee you must go online at att.com/directbill or call AT&T at (800) 331-0500

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